Cook & Book

Klemen Košir is one of the most interesting cookbook authors and innovative self-publishers of the new generation in Slovenia. Blue is his fourth cookbook, conceived during Klemen’s culinary research in the fishermen villages in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Klemen’s Food ethnology

Klemen has been writing about the food culture for more than 10 years. His unique articles and books are inspired by the ethnological research in the backcountry, where friendly locals would help him rediscover traditional recipes and old cooking techniques.

Klemen is also a part-time chef, cooking and hosting workshops, mainly for the independent cultural scene. He lives in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana with his wife Damjana and daughter Iva, who loves anchovies so much!


    Some of Klemen’s latest books

    His book FAO 37.2.1 won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award, and he has won The Most Beautiful Slovenian Book award three years in a row, with Blue being the latest award recipient.

    Cook & Book research fund

      2 EUR of every Klemen’s book goes to the Cook & Book research fund, towards the fieldwork of the author and his culinary research of the Mediterranean:

      “I want to keep my research notes and recipes as accessible as possible. That’s why I need to ask for your help. My fieldwork takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce. But I do it because I believe we all deserve to eat better food – healthy, local and sustainably produced. If you also think that my culinary endeavour matters, support it by ordering Blue.

      Klemen Košir, Author and Publisher of the book Blue